With forthcoming shoots on two sides of the Atlantic, in Florida, Texas, Bath, London and more besides we’re always looking for the best way of getting around. And this pedestrian trench bridge in the Netherlands by Ro&Ad Architekten strikes us as a pretty great option.

Designed to make Fort de Roovere - a star-shaped fort - a part of the historic Dutch Water Line, more accessible after two centuries of decay, the bridge has encouraged a new generation of visitors to explore the historic water based defences, built in the 17th century to protect the Dutch Republic from enemy troops.

Pairing really clever, lateral-thinking design with an acute analysis of geographical space, it’s the perfect introduction to the site; a kind of pastiche of the old and new, navigating their way around each other and inviting fresh perspectives on an aging location.

It’s been the perfect springboard to rediscover Carsten H├Âller, whose latest exhibition at New York’s New Museum is on until early January.

The scientist turned artist has used slides in his work since the late 1980s to present not only a practical means of transportation but to encourage visitors to engage with the loss of control you experience when on them. It’s the bit where your mind just embraces the freedom of travelling that he’s most interested in, where what you feel is that there are no constraints, just the journey and the motion.

If only we could get on a slide to get to a shoot in Texas. Now that would be efficient.

Thanks to Stylepark.

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